If you are seeking treatment for your sleep apnea disorder, our dentist can provide you with customized oral appliance therapy in Honolulu, Hawaii! We offer non-invasive mandibular advancement devices to suit the needs of many patients suffering from sleep apnea. Specific types of treatment can involve appliances such as SomnoMed®, SomnoDent Avant™ or ProSomnus®. According to your oral needs, Dr. Dennis Nagata will customize your treatment and your appliance. To receive effective oral appliance therapy, contact Dental Sleep Medicine Hawaii today at 808-946-6326 and schedule an appointment with us!

oral applianceOral Appliance
ProSomnus® Sleep and Snore DeviceProSomnus® Sleep and Snore Device
SomnoDent Avant applianceSomnoDent® Avant Appliance