Sleep Apnea & ADHD

sleep apnea appliance

Some research suggests a connection between ADHD and sleep apnea since symptoms are very similar in both conditions. Sometimes, it may be hard to tell the difference, and patients can be accidentally misdiagnosed and not given the best treatment to combat their fatigue. To learn more about the link between ADHD and sleep apnea in Honolulu, Hawaii, call 808-946-6326 to schedule a visit with our dentist at Dental Sleep Medicine Hawaii. Dr. Dennis Nagata can answer your questions during a consultation, and not only properly diagnose your sleep apnea, but also help you determine the best treatment for your unique case.

ADHD and sleep apnea can present similar symptoms, which can lead physicians to suggest a patient needs treatment for ADHD when they really need treatment for sleep apnea instead. Symptoms of sleep apnea may also be exacerbated by ADHD, making treatment more complicated and layered. In fact, as many as 50-75% of people who suffer ADHD also have sleep apnea. Our team strives to understand all pertinent aspects of your health when treating sleep apnea so that we can help you get optimal results.

Both conditions disrupt a patient’s life and prevent them from completing their daily routines. Common problems associated with both sleep apnea and ADHD include:

  • Trouble focusing
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Daytime drowsiness
  • Memory loss
  • Irritability
  • Impulsiveness

If you suffer from any of these symptoms or have noticed them in your child, we suggest that you contact your physician about your symptoms. Your physician can refer you to Dr. Nagata to schedule a sleep study at Dental Sleep Medicine Hawaii. We can ensure you are comfortable during your sleep study so that your symptoms can be monitored by our skilled sleep specialist. Dr. Nagata will be able to monitor things like brain activity, breathing patterns, and snoring and oxygen levels, and he can diagnose your sleep apnea. Some sleep studies can be conducted in your own bed at home with a take-home sleep apnea testing kit. If you prefer an at-home test, there are test kits available that will monitor the same symptoms, which Dr. Nagata can then study. Call our office if you have questions about at-home testing kits.

Once your sleep apnea has been diagnosed, Dr. Nagata can determine the best treatment for you, whether it is an oral appliance to open your airway or a CPAP machine to provide constant air pressure into your lungs. Each treatment plan is different for every patient, depending on your specific health needs. Let Dr. Nagata help you get a good night sleep again.

If you are experiencing symptoms for ADHD or sleep apnea, call us to schedule a consultation. You can ask Dr. Dennis Nagata any questions about potential diagnosis and treatment plans you may have. Even if you end up being diagnosed with both ADHD and sleep apnea, treatments can still alleviate some symptoms and make your overall quality of life better. If you have already received a diagnosis, give us a call to see what treatment options we have for you. We can help you sleep soundly and feel better again!